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Amazon S3 File system, Object store File system overview

Scales Automatically

Storage and performance that scales automatically with server and data growth.

Shares Data Fast

Speed like a local hard drive. Performance scales out with more servers.

Simple to Set Up

Get up and running in minutes. Works with your existing software and tools.

Strong Data Integrity

Data is stored in a durable object store and protected with strong end-to-end encryption.

Zero Maintenance

No storage cluster maintenance. Runs on your servers and talks directly to your object store.

Choose Your Own Cloud

Works with AWS, Google Cloud and on-premise S3-compatible object stores.

I’m honestly impressed. This is the convenience I’m looking for with a cloud storage solution. Lars-Erik S., Infrastructure Engineer at Spotify

We need an easy and scalable filesystem for our web servers. We tried so many filesystem solutions and ended with ObjectiveFS. It fits our needs in terms of easy, scalable and performance. We also received really great support. Glen Lumanau, Head of Infrastructure at Kaskus

Share Files between EC2 Instances with ObjectiveFS shared filesystem

Share Files Between EC2 instances

Share files between EC2 instances from all regions with unlimited storage and good performance. Scale up and out your EC2 instances without any storage cluster maintenance.

Share File Assets for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or TYPO3 hosting with shared file system

Scale Out Web Servers

Scale your WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Moodle file assets between your web servers. Your web servers can concurrently read and write to our shared filesystem and updates are visible to all your servers. Learn more

Image and Video processing on AWS, public and private cloud

Image and Video Processing

Your image processing and video rendering applications can run directly in the cloud using our POSIX filesystem without rewrite. Spin up cloud instances on demand for your image and video processing jobs and use our filesystem as a shared persistent storage.

Run big data computation and machine learning in the cloud with shared filesystem

Big Data Computation

Distribute your machine learning, life science and big data computation workload in parallel to the cloud. Use ObjectiveFS shared filesystem to read and write your data concurrently.

Shared filesystem for Hybrid Cloud: AWS S3, Google Cloud Storage or On-premise object stores

Hybrid Cloud

ObjectiveFS provides a standard storage interface for your cloud or on-premise data. You can move incrementally to the cloud and use the cloud for part of your operations.

Powering Fortune 500 and Alexa 500 websites

How is ObjectiveFS different from Amazon EFS?

ObjectiveFS EFS
Reliability Backed by Amazon S3 NFS-based
Storage Durability 99.999999999% by S3 Not specified
Performance Always high performance Pay for performance
Performance: Small Files 80X faster than EFS (info) Slow for small files
Performance: Large Files 350MB/s (info) 100MB/s
Scalability 1 to 1000s 1 to 1000s
Storage Cost S3: $0.03/GB EFS: $0.30/GB
Security End-to-end encryption none
Availability Supports all regions Only in 5 regions
Accessibility Access from anywhere Limited to same region EC2
Product Maturity In production since 2013 Released in July 2016
OS Supported Linux, OS X, Windows via Samba/NFS Linux only
Snapshots Automatic & Checkpoint none
Data integrity Strong checksums none
Cross-region access Yes none
Local disk cache Yes none
Compression Yes none
AWS IAM support Yes Yes
User/Group ID mapping Yes Yes
AWS KMS support Yes none
Client side encryption Yes none
Server side encryption Yes none
Multi-cloud support Yes none
On-premise support Yes none

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How is ObjectiveFS different from S3FS?

ObjectiveFS is a full featured POSIX-compatible file system. S3FS is a way of viewing S3 bucket as a file system, and doesn’t fully support regular file system semantics which breaks the expectation of many Linux programs. see more..

How is ObjectiveFS different from S3QL?

The main difference is number of concurrent mounts. ObjectiveFS supports concurrent mounts from multiple machines, while S3QL supports mounts from one machine only. see more..

AWS S3 Cloud File System for EC2 and Containers. Runs on Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Suse and macOS

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