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Scalable Persistent Storage for Containers, Cloud and VMs

The POSIX filesystem that automatically scales to your workload, works with your existing software and doesn’t need a storage cluster.

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Scalable Persistent Cloud Storage Overview

ObjectiveFS is truly a great file system. For power-users like me, it is by far the best system for development I have ever seen. Abraham B, Data Science Engineer at A9.com

Scale immediately with no reconfiguration

Scale your storage seamlessly. Never run out of disk space again. ObjectiveFS allocates storage as your data grows. With no preallocation or cluster reconfiguration, managing your data becomes easy.

Your data is stored redundantly and reliably in the cloud, even when you’re not running any servers. Scale up and down effortlessly in the cloud. Just mount the filesystem on your new servers, and your data is instantly available.

Run your software in the cloud today without rewrite

Deploy your existing software to the cloud with our POSIX-compatible filesystem. Your regular unix tools just work! There is no porting, rewriting or setting up extra infrastructure. You can keep your regular workflow and tool suite, and run seamlessly in the cloud.

Move your data into the cloud

Move your existing data to the cloud by just mounting ObjectiveFS on your local machine and simply copy your data. Your data can then be accessed by all your local and cloud machines that mount this filesystem, giving you an instant hybrid cloud. All your regular unix tools (e.g. tar, rsync, cp) work out of the box, so you can get data in and out of the cloud easily.

Linux and OS X

Instance A
# /sbin/mount.objectivefs cloudfs /ofs
# git clone https://github.com/torvalds/linux.git /ofs/linux
Cloning into '/ofs/linux'...
remote: Counting objects: 3850420, done.
Resolving deltas: 100% (3185960/3185960), done.
Checking out files: 100% (47988/47988), done.

Instance B # /sbin/mount.objectivefs -o nosuid cloudfs /ofs # cd /ofs/linux # git status # On branch master nothing to commit, working directory clean # # df -h Filesystem Size Used Avail Use% Mounted on /dev/xvda1 7.9G 1.8G 6.1G 23% / cloudfs 1.0P 140G 1.0P 1% /ofs # make config && make

Secure and easy to use Amazon S3 filesystem.
Use your own S3 buckets for storage.


How secure is my data in the cloud?

Your data is encrypted locally, with a key known only by you, before it even leaves your server. ObjectiveFS uses cloud secure end-to-end client side crypto that is designed and implemented to be secure, even in multi-tenant VM environments.


How fast is it?

Very fast. Using workload adaptive heuristics, e.g. switching to fine-grained locking in contended directories and matching the synchronization frequency to the activity level, performance is similar to a local disk. For improved performance and to minimize number of external operations, writes are bundled together and reads use advanced caching.


What if I don’t like the cloud after trying?

You are never locked in to the cloud. You can always copy your data back to your local storage using your favorite tools: tar, rsync, cp, pax, cpio, etc.

Run your software in the cloud today

Take advantage of the cloud’s flexibility and scalability without rewriting your existing applications.

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