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Amazon S3 File system, Object store File system overview

ObjectiveFS is truly a great file system. For power-users like me, it is by far the best system for development I have ever seen. Abraham B, Data Science Engineer at

Easy to Use

  • Get up and running in seconds
  • Standard POSIX file system
  • Works with your existing software

Shares Data Fast

  • Access from your laptops, office servers and EC2 instances
  • Speed like a local hard drive

Scales Automatically

  • Automatically allocates storage as your data grows
  • Scales out as your server count increases

AWS S3 Cloud File System for EC2 and Containers. Runs on Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu, Suse and OSX

Share File Assets for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento or TYPO3 hosting with shared file system

For CMS hosting

Scale your WordPress, Joomla, Magento or other CMS file assets

Share your content management system (CMS) file assets easily among your web servers with ObjectiveFS. Learn more

For Developers

Dev and Test environment everywhere

Control your cloud development and test sandboxes directly from your laptop. Updates on your laptop are instantly available to your sandboxes in the cloud.

For SysAdmins and DevOps

Hassle-free storage management

You don’t need to set up, run and maintain storage servers anymore. You still get redundant, reliable and highly available data, and now offload the storage management to the cloud provider.

For Cluster Computation

Run existing tools in the cloud

Your existing software runs directly in the cloud on our POSIX filesystem. No rewrite or porting needed to run in the cloud.

For Businesses

Hybrid Cloud or On-Premise Storage

ObjectiveFS provides a standard storage interface for your cloud or on-premise data. You can move incrementally to the cloud, and use the cloud for part of your operations.

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