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Pro Business Enterprise
Monthly Price $49 $299 Contact Us
Instances included 3 10 Unlimited
Price per extra instance1 $10 $20 Included
Maximum instances 50 Unlimited Unlimited
Storage2 5TB Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Filesystems Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
AWS S3 backend2
Google GCS backend2
GovCloud 2
On-premise object store3
Memory Cache
Disk Cache
End-to-end Encryption
Strong Data Integrity Checks
Snapshots: Automatic
File Capabilities
File Attributes and Flags
Extended Attributes
Kernel Cache
Access Control Lists (ACL)
Snapshots: Checkpoint
Filesystem Pool
NFS/SMB Export
User/Group ID Mapping
Proxy Support
Admin Mode
Local License Check
Large Filesystem Performance
S3 Transfer Acceleration
AWS KMS Encryption
Email Support Standard Priority High Priority
Phone Support
Onboarding Consultation
Optimization Support
SLA Options Available
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14-day free trial. No credit card required.

1 You can always autoscale the number of instances to your plan’s maximum (50 for Pro, unlimited for Business and Enterprise). Additional instances are billed at the extra instance rate.
2 AWS S3 and Google GCS charges are not included.
3 On-premise object stores supported include Ceph, IBM Cleversafe, HGST Active Archive, Cloudian, etc.

If you spin up lots of EC2 instances for temporary jobs, we also have a Cluster plan. Contact us to learn more.

Your support is top notch! Ivo J., Technical Director at Kiss Digital Media

I can say truly that yours is the best support I’ve received from any vendor in the last 5 years. Jerry S., CTO at Singlewire Software

Part of what makes it so great is that the ObjectiveFS team has been helpful and responsive whenever we’ve had questions. Definitely one of the best decisions we’ve made has been to use ObjectiveFS. Tom J., System Administrator at Page One Power

How are “instances” counted?

An instance is a filesystem mounted on a server. We count the total number of concurrent active mounts across all your servers. Short usage spikes are filtered out by counting only the 99th-percentile of the monthly max.

For example, a filesystem mounted on 4 servers at the same time is counted as 4 instances. A filesystem mounted on 2 servers at different (non-overlapping) times is counted as only 1 instance.

Are AWS S3 or GCS backend charges included?

S3 and GCS charges are billed separately by AWS and Google, and are not included in our pricing.

Can I use more than the included instances in my plan?

Yes, all our plans support autoscaling, and you can always use more than the number of instances included in your plan. The Pro plan has a limit of 50 instances, and all other plans have unlimited instances. The extra instances are billed at the additional instance rate.

What is included in the 14-day free trial?

Unlimited instances and support, so you can fully evaluate ObjectiveFS.

What happens to my data after my trial ends?

You data is stored securely in your AWS S3 or GCS, and you can always access it. If you decide not to continue with a subscription, you can still read the data and copy it out.

Do you have access to my data?

No. Your data is encrypted locally on your server by ObjectiveFS. The encrypted data is sent directly to AWS S3 or GCS and stays encrypted until it returns to one of your servers.

What if I decide to cancel?

If you no longer wish to use ObjectiveFS, you can cancel at any time.

Can I get my data out from ObjectiveFS?

Yes, you can always copy your data back to your local storage or other file systems using standard tools (e.g. tar, rsync, etc).

What happens to my data if you go out of business?

Our company has been in business for over 14 years and we are in it for the long haul. In the extremely unlikely event that we cease operation, all active users can continue using the software and keep accessing their data using ObjectiveFS.

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