ObjectiveFS in the news

Cloudy primary storage

ObjectiveFS: a Cool distributed FS for linux servers… you could be surprised by its performance… Enrico Signoretti, Juku

Sharing EC2 instances with ObjectiveFS

ObjectiveFS utilizes the scalability of cloud object stores like AWS S3, so your performance scales when you have more EC2 instances… Andrea Mauro, vInfrastructure Blog

ObjectiveFS: a POSIX file system on top of S3

… a particularly attractive feature for some applications, such as hosting websites, providing courier services, clustered data analysis … Christophe Bardy, LeMagIT

Silicon Valley - ObjectiveFS, married Unix with Amazon storage

Posix on Amazon, the winning duo Yves Grandmontagne, IT Social

ObjectiveFS, the file system with the cloud backend

… very simple to install and use (a mount on linux!). Enrico Signoretti, Juku

ITPT 14 Report - ObjectiveFS

ObjectiveFS gives you a hassle-free storage backend, comparable to something great sysadmin teams set up … Andrea Mauro, vInfrastructure Blog

ObjectiveFS a convenient gateway SW

… making it easy to collaborate between remote users on the same project. Philippe Nicolas, File Storage Technologies Blog