Apache or Nginx 403 errors with SELinux

If you are getting 403 forbidden errors from Nginx or Apache, you may want to check that the file permissions are set up correctly. You can use the following command to check permissions to verify that the right user can read the files and all directories on the path have the execute (x) permission.

$ namei -om <path>

If you are using a distribution with SELinux, such as CentOS 7, and you are still seeing errors even though all permissions are set up correctly, it could be because of an SELinux setting that stops http files to be served from FUSE or NFS mounts.


To enable serving http files from FUSE mounts (such as your ObjectiveFS filesystem), you can use:

$ setsebool httpd_use_fusefs 1

To enable serving http files from NFS mounts, you can use:

$ setsebool httpd_use_nfs 1

by ObjectiveFS staff, March 6, 2016
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