How To Create VPC on AWS

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) lets you have a virtual network, so that you can select your own IP address range, create your own subnets and configure your route tables and network gateways. Here is a quick guide on how to setup VPC on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  1. Login in to AWS. Go to

  2. Click on VPC under Networking.

    Setup AWS VPC Step 1

  3. Click on “Start VPC Wizard”.

    Setup AWS VPC Step 2

  4. Choose “VPC with a Single Public Subnet” and click “Select”.

    Setup AWS VPC Step 3

  5. Review the subnet information and edit the VPC IP CIDR Block if you want to add additional IP Addresses. Enter a name for your VPC to help you identify it in the VPC console.

    Setup AWS VPC Step 4

  6. To verify that your VPC is setup correctly, select “Your VPCs”.

    Setup AWS VPC Step 5

  7. You will see the VPC that you’ve just created.

    Setup AWS VPC Step 6

by ObjectiveFS staff, June 21, 2015
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