How To Use EC2 IAM Roles Instead Of Keys

ObjectiveFS supports IAM roles on EC2 instances, so you can use IAM roles instead of AWS keys to run your ObjectiveFS filesystem.

  1. Attach an IAM role to your EC2 instance.

    AWS EC2 Management Console
    → Select the EC2 Instance
    → Actions
    → Instance Settings
    → Attach/Replace IAM role
    → Add the appropriate IAM role on the EC2 instance

  2. Configure your credentials.
    If ‘/etc/objectivefs.env’ already exists, you can rename it.

    $ sudo mount.objectivefs config -i
    Enter ObjectiveFS license: your objectivefs license key
    Enter Metadata Host []: <your metadata host ip>
    Enter Default Region (optional): <S3 or GCS region>

  3. You can run all ObjectiveFS commands as usual.


last updated by ObjectiveFS staff, November 18, 2017
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