How To Use ObjectiveFS With On-Premise Object Stores

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ObjectiveFS supports on-premise object stores such as Ceph, Cloudian, Hitachi HGST, etc. This guide describes how to use ObjectiveFS with on-premise object stores.

What You Need


  1. Configure your object store
    Verify that your object store accepts bucket names of the form <bucket>.<object store hostname> (e.g.

  2. Configure your credentials (one-time setup)

    # mount.objectivefs config
    Enter ObjectiveFS license: <your ObjectiveFS license>
    Enter Access Key Id: <object store access key>
    Enter Secret Access Key: <object store secret key>
    Enter Default Region: http://<object store hostname> #e.g.

  3. Create a filesystem in bucket myfs

    # mount.objectivefs create myfs

  4. Mount a filesystem myfs on /mnt in the background (log output is in syslog)

    # mount.objectivefs myfs /mnt

  5. List all objectivefs filesystems

    # mount.objectivefs list

Steps for Object Stores that only support SSL connections

  1. See this guide to set up stunnel.
  2. Use the same commands as above with http_proxy pointing to your stunnel connection.



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Last updated by ObjectiveFS staff, July 11, 2020

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