ObjectiveFS Admin Key

The admin mode provides an easy way to manage many filesystems in a programmatic way. You can use the admin mode to easily script the creation of many filesystems.

The admin mode lets admins create filesystems without the interactive passphrase confirmations. To destroy a filesystem, admins only need to provide a ‘y’ confirmation and don’t need an authorization code. Admins can list the filesystems, similar to a regular user. To separate the admin functionality and user functionality, admins are not permitted to mount a filesystem.

Admin Key Information

The admin license key lets you automate the creation and destruction of filesystems. In admin mode, there is no verification of the passphrase on create, and only a single yes prompt on destroy.

  1. Locate your admin key in the “Notes” section of your user profile page once it is enabled.
  2. Append the admin key to your existing ObjectiveFS license key to get your admin license key.
        Your admin key: ‘ABCD’
        Your ObjectiveFS license: ‘123456’
        Your admin license key: admin key+ObjectiveFS license = ‘123456ABCD’

Steps To Use Admin Mode

  1. Create a different set of credentials for your admin license, e.g. /etc/objectivefs.admin.env/

    # cp -a /etc/objectivefs.env /etc/objectivefs.admin.env
    Replace /etc/objectivefs.admin.env/OBJECTIVEFS_LICENSE with your admin license key
    # mount.objectivefs config /etc/objectivefs.admin.env

  2. You can use /etc/objectivefs.admin.env/ for scripted filesystem creation and regular /etc/objectivefs.env for mounting. You can use OBJECTIVEFS_ENV to specify the config directory to use.

    # OBJECTIVEFS_ENV=/etc/objectivefs.admin.env mount.objectivefs <cmd>


by ObjectiveFS staff, October 10, 2019
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