ObjectiveFS macOS Flags Support

Starting in version 6.5, ObjectiveFS has some support for flags for macOS. For Linux attributes support, see this doc.

ObjectiveFS currently has partial support for append-only and immutable flags. All other flags (arch, nodump, opaque, hidden) can be set and cleared and are passed through to macOS.


To use ObjectiveFS with file flags, just mount your filesystem as usual and run the corresponding chflag and ls -lO commands.


Use chflags to change a file’s flags and ls -lO to list a file’s flags.

  1. Add uappend to file /ofs/logfile

    # chflags uappend /ofs/logfile

  2. List the flags of file /ofs/logfile

    # ls -lO /ofs/logfile
    -rw-r–r–  1  alice  admin  uappnd 653 Oct  7 17:30 /ofs/logfile

  3. Remove uappend from file /ofs/logfile

    # chflags nouappend /ofs/logfile

  4. Add hidden to file /ofs/tmpfile

    # chflags hidden /ofs/tmpfile

by ObjectiveFS staff, November 26, 2019
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