Using ObjectiveFS With Cleversafe/IBM Cloud Object Storage

Enterprise Plan Feature

ObjectiveFS supports on-premise S3-compatible object stores such as Ceph, Cleversafe, etc. This guide describes how to use ObjectiveFS with a Cleversafe object store.

What You Need


1. Configure your Cleversafe (one-time setup)


Set Cleversafe's S3 Virtual Host suffix to: *

2. Configure your credentials (one-time setup)

# mount.objectivefs config
Enter ObjectiveFS license: <your ObjectiveFS license>
Enter Access Key Id: <your Cleversafe access key>
Enter Secret Access Key: <your Cleversafe secret key>
Enter Default Region: <your Cleversafe's S3 accessor>   #e.g.

3. Create a new filesystem

# mount.objectivefs create <vault>

4. Mount filesystem

# mount.objectivefs <vault> <mount directory>

5. List your ObjectiveFS filesystems

# mount.objectivefs list


  1. Replace all references of s3://<bucket name> in the user guide and documentation with <vault>.
  2. If the vault has already been created, you can use a filesystem pool for steps 3 and 4.
# mount.objectivefs create -f <vault>/<filesystem>
# mount.objectivefs <vault>/<filesystem> <mount directory>


by ObjectiveFS staff, January 14, 2017
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