How To Add Instance Stores To EC2 Instances

Many EC2 instance types come with fast local storage. One way to take advantage of this fast local storage is to use it as a disk cache for ObjectiveFS. This article describes how to add instance store to your EC2 instance, so you can use SSD or hard drive for local storage.

  1. Open your Amazon EC2 console at and click on “Launch Instance”.

    Add Instance Store Step 1

  2. Choose your AMI and instance type in the next 2 steps, and click “Next: Configure Instance Details”. To get SSD for instance store, please choose an instance type with SSD.

    Add Instance Store Step 2

  3. Complete “Step 3: Configure Instance Details” with your settings, and click “Next: Add Storage”

    Add Instance Store Step 4

  4. In “Step 4: Add Storage”, click “Add New Volume” and choose instance store and device location. In this example, we choose Instance Store 0 on /dev/sdb.
    Repeat this step to add all available instance stores.

    Add Instance Store Step 4

  5. Click “Review and Launch” and complete the steps to launch this EC2 instance.

Note: Instance stores can only be added to an EC2 instance before launch.

To use the newly added instance store as a disk cache, see how to mount an instance store on EC2 for disk cache

by ObjectiveFS staff, September 30, 2015
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