How To Create An ObjectiveFS Filesystem Using An Existing Empty Bucket


This document describes how to create an ObjectiveFS filesystem using an existing empty bucket.

The filesystem create command by default creates a new bucket using the filesystem name that you supply. Therefore, the filesystem name supplied should be new and not be used by any existing bucket.


If you need to use an existing empty bucket for your filesystem, you can use the -f flag to create a filesystem using the filesystem pool feature.

Important: The bucket should be empty and not used for any other purposes. ObjectiveFS expects to manage all contents of this bucket, and to have only its files in that bucket.

Command to create a new filesystem using an existing empty bucket:

$ sudo mount.objectivefs create -f <bucket name>/<filesystem name>

Useful Information

  1. The -f flag option needs to be run only once on each bucket to convert it into an ObjectiveFS filesystem pool.
  2. You can create multiple filesystems under this bucket after converting the bucket using the -f option.
    $ sudo mount.objectivefs create -f mybucket/myfs1
    $ sudo mount.objectivefs create mybucket/myfs2
    $ sudo mount.objectivefs create mybucket/myfs3
  3. Your filesystem will be a regular filesystem in the pool. You can use the regular filesystem pool‘s mount command to mount this filesystem.
    $ sudo mount.objectivefs mybucket/myfs1 /ofs

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