How To Set Up NFS Ganesha

This guide covers the steps to set up NFS Ganesha. You can use NFS Ganesha instead of the kernel NFS server.


  1. Install the following RPMs


  2. In /etc/ganesha/ganesha.conf, change Path and Pseudo from nonexistent to <your objectivefs directory> For more options, see config options

  3. To start:

    # systemctl start nfs-ganesha

  4. To verify that the export works:

    # showmount -e localhost

  5. To mount:

    # mount.nfs -o <options> <ip addr>:<source directory> <target directory>
    Example: For NFS v3 export on localhost (assuming /ofs is exported and /nfs is an empty target directory):
    # mount.nfs -o vers=3 /nfs


by ObjectiveFS staff, August 28, 2016
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