How To Use ObjectiveFS with Docker

ObjectiveFS provides a persistent storage between sessions for your Docker containers. It also provides shared storage between containers.

There are two ways to use ObjectiveFS with Docker.

A. Run ObjectiveFS on the host and share it with the container

Example steps:

  1. Mount filesystem on host at /ofs
    $ mount.objectivefs <filesystem> /ofs
  2. Run docker
    $ docker run -it -v /ofs:/ofs ubuntu /bin/bash 

B. Run ObjectiveFS inside the container

  1. Run docker with the following options:
    --security-opt apparmor:unconfined --cap-add sys_admin --device=/dev/fuse
  2. Make sure /etc/objectivefs.env is setup (see configure step)

  3. Mount objectivefs inside the container with a regular mount command
    $ mount.objectivefs <filesystem> <directory> 


by ObjectiveFS staff, January 31, 2017
ObjectiveFS is a shared file system for Linux and OS X that automatically scales and gives you scalable cloud storage. If you have questions or article idea suggestions, please email us at